Application Refactoring

Improve internal structure of code without changing its external behavior.

How refactoring puts business forward?

Keeping old sophisticated code causes additional challenges for developers (bugs, bad performance, data breach). Moreover, it makes business uncompetitive in the market, because of unsatisfied users, negative feedback, and low ratings.

Editing and cleaning up previously written code prevents paying for costly errors later. As refactoring improves code readability, it facilitates the debugging process in future.

The best time to consider refactoring

Another essential business benefit of application refactoring is that code complexity reduction leads to improved time to market.

Sometimes it is impossible to add new functionality to old code without prior elaborating the better half of the source code. Refactoring can help add new application functions, and prevent new bugs as well. Otherwise, the process of adding one feature to your application can be endless debugging. The best time to consider refactoring is before adding any updates or new features to your application.

Recently lots of companies are considering business application migration to cloud. Refactoring is often required for finalizing this process and to make the app better suit the new cloud environment.

Why Refactoring

  • Improve code readability;
  • Simplify the modification code process;
  • Reduce maintenance fees;
  • Gain better understanding of your code functionality;
  • Improve design of your existing code.

Refactoring with Ispirer

  • Source to source transformation;
  • No changes in programs' performance;
  • Applicable to non-object oriented languages;
  • Cost-effective solution;
  • Fits any budget.

Beneficios Que Obtiene

100% de Automatización

100% de Automatización

Debido a la personalización, el trabajo manual después de la migración se minimizará o eliminará.

Precios Flexibles

Precios Flexibles

Paga solo por lo que necesita: el precio depende del alcance y la duración de
su proyecto.

Migración Optimizada

Migración Optimizada

Obtiene un código inteligente y mantenible sin utilizar ningún middleware después de la conversión.

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